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Laptop or Desktop

There is a big dilemma when it comes to buying a computer.

The decision making process takes you for a ride on What, How, Which one and deciding factor which relies on the Choices beyond price, brand, and comfort. It is between two major children of the same type. Desktop or Laptop? We tend to make the wrong decision in haste and regret it if things don’t work well. The wrong choice largely depends on your choice if you need a desktop or a Laptop as these devices serve you for different purposes. But you are proved right only if it meets your need.

So let’s see how both device fare on the equation. If you don’t fancy too many components them the desktop is not a thing for you.

It’s a device that consists of components like a monitor, a CPU, mouse and a keyboard while accompanied by the speakers. Also, a desktop might be a cause of some inconvenience but it has a lot of advantages over a regular laptop, Try conducting a test with any software you will not deny that a desktop is much more powerful than a laptop. The CPU of a regular Desktop PC processor a higher processing power than a laptop. In case you would like to run heavy software like Auto Cad, Photoshop, 3DMAX, Maya, Light-room..etc which might make your laptop slow down but you could run them quite easily on a personal desktop computer. Upgrading your desktop are quite easier compared to Laptop.

There is no reason to think it might harm the internal components or the motherboard during an upgrade. It just works fine! While a laptop up gradation is actually quite expensive. Both the software’s and the parts needed for an upgrade comes expensive. (Example Upgrading desktop Hard drive will be 30% cheaper compared to laptop Hard drive) Now how about repairing your device, while an upgrading a desktop is cheaper than upgrading a laptop.

Repairing a desktop is also cheaper than repairing a laptop.

it is also easier to find spare parts for a desktop computer as it has been around for quite some time now. And for a laptop its vice-versa, as you might end up dusting around all day in vain. (Many models of the laptop spare are not even manufactured for sold separately) If you compare a laptop with desktop computers, the desktop is cheaper and with the same specifications of the laptop For those who love watching movies or performing media tasks on a large monitor, desktop computers are the one to choose as you can connect them to multiple monitors. Well, one more advantage of a desktop over a laptop is that chances of damage in a laptop are more than a desktop while traveling So your data has a higher chance of safe if it is stored in your desktop PC compared to a laptop. Now, the odds are on Desktop. you might want to know if there are any advantages in a laptop over a personal computer. Well, there are!You may find laptops are portable. If you would like to work remote or while traveling. It is more comfortable in that space. It’s insane to even to try that with a Desktop. This gives you a freedom to choose the place of work.

Laptops are the popular choice for the younger generation of people. Where work and schools are now completely done on computers it is really impossible to leave a computer behind thus the logical conclusion is to own a laptop; a device that can be carried around anywhere in terms of space, laptop takes less than desktops.

Now you may get the idea how desktop has more advantages as compared to a laptop. But the two most important points are processing power and portability.

You may spend more on a laptop but if it is doesn’t work as wanted.

It would be a waste of your hard-earned money. Designers and developers mostly go for powerful desktop computers with a greater processing power.

But if you are looking for something that is portable then your choice would be a laptop so it’s important that you need to analyze your needs before you make your choice.

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